The birth of VB2R

VB2R was born from the passion of two professional test drivers who met at their workplace: Bertrand and I were subjective test drivers for Michelin, the world’s leading tire manufacturer. Each of us had had a career in racing before, not having the opportunity to break through at a very high level, despite a title of French champion each. Our journey brought us to this job, that makes many fans dream : test driver.

The idea for VB2R came to me one day when I was testing for Alpina. I’m in the pitlane and Bertrand arrives with an R1. He stops next to me and asks me what kind of test I’m doing. “High speed analysis, 320km/h and you? “same. can I join you on track ?” I start with 540hp and Bertrand overtook me in wheeling, he puts its bike down at 180km/h and I notice a small smoke when the front wheel rests on the ground, like a plane: « OMG, nice !». We complete our tests and on my last lap, I get out at 280 km/h of the last curve of the circuit and I see Bertrand in my mirror with a motorbike that pumps, rides a little but always full behind!! “Beautiful”. I say to myself, “If we ever get to put that in a movie, that would be great”.

I saw Bertrand do incredible things on a motorcycle and he saw me do incredible things in a car, while having fun. When I resigned from Michelin to become a freelancer and Bertrand moved into competition as a consultant, our passion for motorcycles and cars brought us together. I offered to create VB2R. To strengthen our friendship, this confidence allowed us to drift at 160km/h, 2 or 3 meters away from each other, or to be able to ride at a few inches away to make beautiful images.