Our professional experience

Our experience as professional test drivers in operation for 20 years brings us rigor, reproducibility and versatility: know how to adapt quickly to any machine, get close to their limits, to be able to judge a new element in all types of situations, constraints. Those hundreds of thousands of miles of testing have allowed us to often flirt with the limits of adherence and acquire a mastery of slide. It is a real pleasure as a driver, and a way to share good time with many car fans, by offering them unforgettable images and moments in unusual places already visited during our tests in the 4 corners of the world. (US, Japan, Australia, Lapland, Malaysia, Dubai, Spain, Germany, New Zealand).

Our experience, for more than 30 years, in the world of sprint racing, allows us today to drive a car or a motorcycle at the limits of grip; endurance has allowed us to be reproducible, keep a margin of safety and adapt to different mechanical and climatic hazards.

Our work and our relationship with the world’s largest manufacturers for more than 20 years, have allowed us to know and acquire high standards, professionalism, relationships, to work at this level. In addition to development and liaison with car manufacturers, we have also prepared and participated in numerous press presentations (setting up, demonstrations, videos, media relations) or filming for the movie industry (Taxi).