I started coaching in several stages.

Before becoming a professional test driver, I was first an instructor at renowned monitoring schools on single-seaters and GT for 3 years, whether it is to do classroom classes in front of 30 people or individual coaching, inside the cars, to teach the basics of driving.

This experience allowed me to learn the basics of the trade and adapt to all types of populations of all levels.

My job as a tester has kept me out of coaching for several years. Thanks to my results and my Nurburgring Record, and through my network, I got contacted by gentlemen drivers owning supercars, for individual coaching, in order to progress. This experience allowed me to adapt to a more targeted and demanding clientele to evolve sportily and technically.

One of my clients asked me to coach him, at first to help him progress, and then, to ride with him in endurance racing. After a year of steady progress, we then won the championship 2 years in a row: goal achieved 😉.

It is a few years later that I wanted to improve even more in this field. In parallel to my main activities of development, I passed a state diploma: back to the basics at the Académy sport car in Le Mans (The only pilot training school in the world), where I started my single-seater career in the ELF team. Now holder of the DEJEPS mention circuit diploma, I am one of the 30 graduates in France to have the status of specialized sports coach. This allowed me to acquire new skills, by surrounding myself with competent people in each field, to be able to move to an expert role, in a world where it becomes increasingly difficult and complex to be top performer.

I specialize today mainly in 2 areas, where I offer my services:

  • Gentlemen drivers who wish to compete.
  • Young kartmen switching to cars.


With my experience on this circuit (An official record for a manufacturer, cars, piloted systems and developed tires, a race in VLN, more than 3,000 laps achieved), I give you all the tricks, the landmarks, the mistakes to avoid, how to apprehend this circuit that makes all the fans dream but which remains the most dangerous.

Discover these subtleties from a virtual point of view, to understand it gradually before going to rub it in real life.

Being a fan of simulators for 15 years, I have seen a clear improvement over years, and today, more than a game, it is a wonderful working tool that allows to practice many things (the basics, the driving techniques, the race techniques and qualifications, the regularity, and learning to read data via telemetry, etc.) while having fun.

This is why the simulator becomes a main axis, by adapting to all levels & budgets.

From the semi-professional simulator to the professional simulator (cylinder with yaw sensors, 120 bar hydraulic braking, force feedback), I am ready to coach you and make you progress according to your expectations:

  • Beginner
  • Development
  • Professional

Depending on your needs and your budget, we can adapt your request with different types of simulators, with more or less extensive coaching. From the basic technique that does not initially require all the technology, to the best simulators for specific needs.

Once the technical part is acquired on the simulator, let’s go on to the reality :

New project for simulator :