Tuning (chassis/tires/ESP)

Subjective Test driver since 2001, I acquired my experience mainly by working with 2 French world champions: Michelin for 5 years and Renault Sport & Alpine for 15 years.

I first joined the sports team, super sport at the Ladoux research center, as a subjective test driver for the development of Original tire equipments. This allowed me to learn the trade, test methods and to have the finesse and feel to communicate with engineers and developers, to optimize a tire, according to precise specifications. It taught me the rigour of working with a manufacturer, understand its expectations, to develop a tire that will match perfectly with their cars. Finally, I compiled experience in innovatation and research, as well as numerous presentations to customers, suppliers or Press.

In parallel, I had the chance to be chosen to integrate during 3 years, the Michelin competition department, to be one of the 2 development testers, at the time when Michelin was in Formula 1. This allowed me to develop tires that won in Formula 1 but also in rally, GT and endurance in the 24 hours of Le Mans.

I started my own business as a freelance in 2006 and joined the ground-handling service being created at Renault Sport. I here acquired experience and know how in connecting to the ground,  developping a chassis with industrial constraints (shock absorbers, springs, steering, tires ). I as well worked on the development of controlled systems (4 wheel steering, ESP).

Those 20 years of experience have led me to :

  • Develop tires that have won in F1, Rallye and 24h of Le Mans.
  • Develop two tires that have been awarded  “Sports Tire of the Year” : Pilot sport 2, Exalto2.
  • Develop 3 “Sports Cars of the Year” in France and UK : R26, R26R, Alpine A110S.
  • Develop a car and hold the record for tractions on the famous Nurburgring circuit: the Nordschleife (reference for all manufacturers in the world) : R26R.
  • Contribute to the rebirth of the Alpine brand, by participating in the chassis and ESP development of the new A110 & A110S.
  • Work around the world, from the United States to New Zealand, Japan, the polar Circle, Germany and Spain.
  • Be the ESP Test driver Manager for Renault sport and alpine from 2008 to 2020.
  • Work on projects that did not come into light, with regrets, as some were very fun …
  • Know how to work in confidentiality and professional secrecy.
  • Meet a lot of experts in their fields, exposing me to expertise and diversity.
  • Work and gain experience in the tomorrow’s technologies .

Development remains my main activity and I am always motivated for new projects and challenges. My objective: always try to optimize the development with the means I am given and complete the work by looking for the small details that does make the result from good to excellent, and gives pleasure to the end customer.